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Can you give us training or send people to train us?

Of course. We can send technicians on-site directly, or receive your staff at our facilities. We also provide a parallel online service to resolve any type of query or incident.

Why is there such a high perception of the pinternal brand?

Fundamentally because we like to go step by step in each project and country we engage with, making the client’s needs our own, analysing the project in question in detail and really proposing what the client needs, the suitable option, and none other than that. We believe in real honesty, long-term perspectives and respect for the client and for the market itself.

Why choose Pingon Pinternal?

Because we are positioned in a high-quality segment at truly competitive prices, quality, delivery times and reliability. Because as well as 60 years of experience, we are also located in one of the most highly prestigious regions of the world in equipment goods manufacture and metal processing. And because not only are we truly orientated towards the projects and needs of the clients, we also think of the long- term relationship, we empathise with the end client, we believe in continual growth through future projects and we regularly move all around the world. And most importantly: we unquestioningly defend an ethical, honest and professional way of working.
Pingon S.Coop's quality policy is available to anyone who requests it

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