Our step-by-step policy allows us to create relationships of real trust, allowing us persistent, continuous growth wherever we go, thanks to the confidence our distributors and customers have in us.


Both of these have become the real driving force of our activity. We use high-quality raw materials exclusively, and latest- generation technology. All our series are in strict compliance with the EN-14439 European regulation, and we exceed the life hours required by said regulation.

Technical configuration

When you work with a highly-qualified human team with decades of experience... reaching the optimal technical performance is simple. On-site crane positioning tests, strut calculations, etc. are carried out.

Price policy

The fact that we are one of the most prestigious tower crane manufacturers does not prevent us from offering a suitable line of prices on the market. This makes us highly competitive in the high-quality segment.


We have the entire availability of parts and pieces in stock. A quick delivery is business strength nowadays, we have set the goal to shorten lead times and offer the best service to the clients. Our mass production philosophy makes possible to ship cranes immediately to the customers.


As a fully customer oriented company, Pingon has a high qualified technical staff and an extensive service network across the world. Being conscious of the importance of a crane in a project, we are focused to provide immediate and quality after sales service to our clients.
Our approved service network is distinct by the knowledge of the product and a prompt assistance to the customer. In addition, the services are only using authorized and original spare parts in breakdown services.
Pingon S.Coop's quality policy is available to anyone who requests it
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