Tower crane PT-200 Range

jibs of 30, 36 and 40m length
PT-200 Range Series
1,2m width monoblock mast sections and jib sections designed with tubular profiles (easy and optimized transport).

Tip Load & Maximum Load: 1.300 / 3.000 kg.
Jib of 30, 36 and 40 mt. Tower sections compatible with other series of higher cranes.
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Customize your crane
We adapt the crane to your project requirements to optimize the performance of the machine.


Jib length (M)

Jib point loading (KG)

Maximun capacity (KG)




Great versatility due to the numerous crane configurations.
Assemblies that best suit the conditions of each project. We consider that each project requires some ad-hoc tower crane.
Optimized investment: different models share the same structural component.


Optimal view of the load and the work.
Greater safety and monitoring of operations and the site.
Spacious and comfortable interior. Fully equipped.

Optimised design

Our cranes can be transported in a cost-effective manner, and provide optimum robustness, durability and performance. We consistently achieve a significant reduction in logistics and transport costs thanks to our panellable structures.

Complete telescoping system

The whole PT range is telescopable.


We are very strict in our compliance with the current regulations in all the countries where we are present.

European regulation

Quality &constant innovation are fundamental principles in Pingon.
Pingon tower cranes follows the most current European regulations in terms of safety. The range PT cranes, is manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN14439_2006/42/EC_C25 that incorporates several improvements in safety for operators and technicians.
We consider C25 level wind speed classification in out of service conditions).

Assembly and operation

The Pinternal cranes are renowned for ease and agility in both the set-up process and in operation.

Technical range

With an optimised range of models, we cover the majority of residential and civil projects on a global scale.

Delivery times

We produce any series in a very competitive time frame.
Pingon S.Coop's quality policy is available to anyone who requests it

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