Since 1959

Pingon S.Coop began manufacturing tower cranes in 1959, a pioneer in Spain. We are located in Lazkao (Basque Country), one of the most reliable areas in industrial manufacturing processes.
Old Pingon tower crane

International presence

A group of companies with presence in over 40 countries. Over recent years we have focused mainly on South America, Africa and Europe. We have important know-how while at the same time offering a structure of distributors & technical support to cover all the process.
World map
International cranes services in over 40 countries around the world
Our structure and portfolio allow us to give the customer specific solutions in terms of the range we manufacture: maximum load 16.000 kg, tip load 3.150 kg, tip until 70 m.
Pingon S.Coop's quality policy is available to anyone who requests it
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